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Fall 2015 - VA, NC, TN, NYC, DC, and Philly!!! 

We'll be on the road this fall at some of the best venues on the east coast!

October 16 - Preservation Pub Knoxville, TN
October 17 - The Basement Nashville, TN

November 7 - Jack of the Wood Asheville, NC

November 19 - IOTA Arlington, VA
November 20 -  Rockwood Music Hall  New York, NY
November 21 - Ortlieb's Philadelphia, PA

Hometown folks (Roanoke, NRV, Floyd), be sure to catch us in October between the 10th and 31st we have a plethora of hometown ragers.

October 10 (Day) - Big Lick Oktoberfest 11:30AM-12:30PM & 2:30PM - 3:30PM
October 10 (Night) - Martin's Downtown

October 15 - Sidewinders

October 24 - Grandin Chillagefest

October 31 -  Halloween Party at the Phoenix


All these beautiful photos 

Our website photos are courtesy of our good friend Matt Bonham at Consider Collective.  Consider Collective is an amazing publication driven by extremely talented, insightful and down to earth people.  Also don't hesitate to give Matt a shout and hire him as a photographer!

"Consider Collective is a new digital magazine for arts/culture, music, and action/adventure, featuring stories, interviews, photography and art.

We keep our minds and eyes open for stories that catch our attention. We listen to what the world tells us, and make our own decisions. Devoted to our crafts, we are creatives, artists and at the end of the day, regular people."

Check them out!!!


New Year. New Floorboards Music in the Oven. 

We've spent January locked in at Summit Sound in beautiful Eagle Rock, Virginia.  We're finally recording that album that we've been promising for a while now.  We're cooking up some really great sounds and cannot wait to share the finished product with y'all!  So get excited!  

But not so excited that you get anxious.  We've got songs still in the writing and arranging process so it's still in the oven for now.

Here's some love from Summit Sound. . .

Thank you for a very good time.  

Thanks so much to all who came out to The Harvester Saturday. T'was a grand time. We'll be in the studio for the next little while finishing our new record, which we can't wait to share with you. Being as it's winter in the SE, we won't be traveling much until march. It's a good time for us to buckle down and do work. Next up, we're at Martin's in Roanoke, VA for NYE, then we shall see you in the spring!

Free Floorboards Friday 

This Friday, December 7, we play a FREE early show at The Taubman Museum of Art. 5:00-8:00. Food and adult beverage will be available! Come on down.

When autumn finds the mountains. . . 

We've got new tunes and we're hitting the road.  

It all starts with the Halloween throwdown, October 31st at Dogtown Roadhouse in Floyd, VA.  We can't wait to party with y'all in costume!!

November 1 - Cary Street Cafe - Richmond, VA

November 7 - The One Stop - Asheville, NC

November 8 - Sugarland's Distillery - Gatlinburg, TN

November 20 - Soaring Ridge Brewery - Roanoke, VA

November 22 - The Empty Glass - Charleston, WV  (with Matt Mullins)

November 28 - 622 North - Blacksburg, VA  (with Matt Mullins)

November 29 - The Camel - Richmond, VA  (with The Atkinsons, and Relacksachian)

We'll see y'all at the show!

All Things Summer 

It's the best time of year!  Perfect weather, afternoon storms, light breezes, the smell of fresh cut hay and festival season!  

We've had a blast making the rounds and meeting/seeing you all in 2014.  From Asheville, Falls Church, Brooklyn, Charlotte, and the hills of WV we love seeing you beautiful people.  And you're only getting more beautiful as the summer goes on.  This weekend we're headed to quite possibly our favorite time of year, Floydfest!  We'll be at the Sugarlands Shine Speakeasy stage Sunday night at 8PM to keep the party going into Monday and fend off any Sunday evening blues.  We hope to see you there, and if you see us, say hello!  We'll get a beer together!


Charlotte, DC, NYC, Atlanta, Savannah, Athens, Richmond, Asheville, Floyd, VA Beach, Charleston (WV AND SC) and other great cities east of the Mississippi: Coming at you in 2014!


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